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In spite of his immense talent, Natural Black’s career has been hobbled by personal tragedy as well as allegations that he is a temperamental, controversial character who does unpredictable things.  
Trouble Nuh Set Like Rain-Natural Black by millsydon

“People just don’t understand Natural Black,” he said, laughing. “Some of that is really my fault, I have to take the blame because I made poor decisions at one time or another, but the road is already paved, ah just the trod but saying that, one cannot create difficulty for oneself along that road.”

In 2006, a personal loss that devastated the singer and scarred his soul in such a deep way that he was forced to take a sabbatical, cancelling lucrative tour dates in Europe, jeopardising a career he had spent years to carve out and even cut his hair in his despair. Shearing one’s hair is a sign of grief which pops up in many biblical stories.

Black eventually returned to his native land of Guyana in a desperate bid to rediscover his love for reggae music. He explained what had happened.

"My princess, Marie had a miscarriage earlier in that year, and that played a big part in it ... I had to take some time off to find myself ... it was deep, deep ... She is a blessed lady, you know. I love her, and it was a painful time for me," Black said.

"My heart and soul was not in music anymore. I couldn't deal with it. I realised that I had lost myself, my focus did shift, too much of things going one way ... I even lost all my hair, I cut my locks, through the stress of the situation ... but it was just life, all a part of the trodding," said Black, who first grabbed the spotlight with a big hit called Songs With Feeling in 2004.

He said he cut his locks to spark a symbolic rebirth of his own life.

“Life nuh run straight, and I realize certain things weren’t right with my livity and lifestyle, and there was a need for cleansing, a rebirth, a fresh start after all these trials and tribulations, so I cut them,” he explained.

Still, controversy continued to dog him.

In March 2007, he was detained by the police at the Norman Manley International Airport for "disorderly conduct" and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and ordered to pay a $2,000 fine. Later that year, he was again in the headlines after he was taken into custody at the Half Way Tree Police lock up in connection with the larceny of a Toyota Corolla. After being in custody for seven days, he was released after his lawyer argued that his client had been in lock up for days without being charged.

"I wasn’t a thief, the police dem did a try style me, but mi glad everything was cleared up with the vehicle incident. With the airport incident, mi just did a bun some fire fi dem because dem wouldn't let me through to collect me breddren dem," he recalled.

“I have to take the blame for a lot of that, one cannot blame others, it was just my movements, and need for my improvements and I see that now, it’s been a rough road, but it’s all about learning,” he said.

A widely acclaimed conscious Rastafari movement artist, Natural Black has fans in the Caribbean, Europe, the United States and Latin America and is currently signed to Vision Sound Studios of Guyana.

Natural Black tours extensively and has performed to sold out audiences in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia. He has performed on most of the major Reggae shows and festivals such as Uppsala Reggae Festival, Reggae Sumfest, Sting, Rebel Salute, East Fest and others.

He will be performing at a Valentine’s event in New York mid-February.

“Natural Black is up and running for 2011…ready fi take on the world with extra force and more strength and a better understanding towards the bus


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