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Archive Written by  ABENA Friday, 08 June 2012 07:39 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Why can't they take the Queen of the Dancehall crown from Lady Saw?  

Dem did want her fi just easy as Marion Hall and sing a bagga pop and reggae songs like she old, but she ketch the rake when she see say dancehall ah suffer and want a change so she come back inna the game and start do 'Two Man Mi Have' and 'Mi Love Mi Mate' and worse dem get vex when she go pon ER and talk say dem caan walk inna her shoes and hold up her expensive heels dem. Mumma Saw pon dem!!!!! Mi love how yu a deal wid dem bloodclaat, ah yu ah di mumma fi di ting and dem caan run it, dem just can run ROUND it. And mi know dem a go hate yu more now when dem hear say yu do song wid Lisa Hyper. The song drop ah Bommers Thursday and gwaan wid a bagga tings this morning and mi get a bb say dem deal wid it ah Bembe. 

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