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Who were the best performers at Sting 2011? Bounty Killer, Khago, Kiprich, Specialist, Pickney, Attaru, Nature, and Aidonia were the best performers on the night,


Pickney gave one of the outstanding performances of the night when he deejayed a song that spoke to the sexual dynamics at work between Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and D'Angel in their love triangle. He cracked the 5000 strong audience up when he asked: 'Did Beenie ask D'Angel wah she do to Bounty before him kiss har?'. In the second verse of the song, he also asked the question: 'if Kartel and Killer used to share spliff, how dem ah come ah talk bout who and who ah kiss clit'.

He then deejayed a song that went a little something like this:

If me see a man a fuck batty, mi ah go chat
If me see a man a suck cocky, mi ah go chat
And if me see mommy ah gi weh the ting mi a go chat
'Cause mommy nuh fi gi weh daddy fat?

The crowd almost lost its collective mind when he dropped that one, and for a full 25 to 30 seconds,
patrons were doubled over laughing in Jamworld.


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