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Wah kinda fuckery Bob Marley tribute dat??? Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Monday, 11 February 2013 09:45 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Mi see A.K.A ah write up a bagga tings say Reggae Music Lives at the Grammys, and mi affi a wonder wah kinda fuckery dat. Wah so great about that? If me did have any say inna dat, dem woulda haffi get Jimmy Cliff and Toots Hibbert, alongside Sting, Bruno Mars and the Marley bredda dem, how Rihanna reach inna the ting? Mi really haffi a wonder why dem do that all of a sudden, Warner Brothers plan fi put out a Best of Bob Marley fi the white people dem buy? Or Bruno Mars have a new album dem waan use our authentic reggae feel and sound fi push? Weh dem feel like? Mi no born big, something inna bloodclaat something, dont get me wrong, is an OK look fi reggae but dem people ya no rate we. How come dem nah try find the next Bob Marley outta Jamaica again? Dem just a use the Marley offspring dem fi gloss over the ting, but memba we ah go rise again.  

Inna the last century alone, we gi the world Merlene Ottey, Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Toots, Jimmy Cliff, the Skatalites, we gi the world reggae, ska, rocksteady and fuckery dancehall music. We inna everything this centtury too with Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Frazer and Veronica Campbell; we inna the VW commercial the other day, Ziggy Marley, and Bob come back from the dead fi War Shaggy inna Celebrity Death Match, we gi the world Lee Boyd Malvo, the Shoes Bomber, the sheik who did a par wid the yute dem who do the London bombings, Calabar gi the world the yute who shoot up the train inna New York, and we gi the world Vybz Kartel, who charge fi two murder and a languish behind prison right now. JAMAICA AH THE BEST, and we ah go rise again, memba! Abena say so!

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