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Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981. How will I celebrate this anniversary? I could read one of the many fine books on Marley's life, or denote all my life savings to save the poor.  But no, mi a go light up a big head spliff, skull work and listen to some Bob Marley, today is the kinda day why God invented sick days. People, the ting amp up right now, and me, Abena Elizabeth Mercedes (last name deleted) de ya fi dash out dem business like a three day old snapper.


Mi haffi send a special big to Beenie Man who carried his mother to watch a play on Sunday, she dress up

and look nice and ting and dem de de together, it was really nice. Beenie Man say no matter wah a gwaan

wid him inna him life, when him bruk and mash up or whatever, she is always there for him, no matter what.

Mi love how him a play the big man role inna the ting right now.


Mi get the file pon the Rosy One, but she is a real thorn inna the garden. Mi get her file and it hebby, it caan even fit inna the filing cabinet. So dem run gone back a foreign, after dem cut dem offa the radio, but mi did know that ah go happen after the big man drop out. Ah long time dem did want get her out. Imagine, she did de wid Junior Reid, Fyalinks and then she do the special helicopter crash inna tree style and convince the big man fi sort out the position fi har.  But she sneaky because she did a try friend Nikki Z fi undermine her, and it neva did a work, but then after Nikki Z crash and burn, she go crown herself, and all these things, people tek time find her out. Ah couple time well she con Macka Diamond fi pay fi her hairstyle and clothes dem wid the 'I left my money inna my other purse at home' excuse. Woe be unto them! Dem no real. ZJ Rose, ah yu me a talk, yu need prayer, repent and change yu dutty ways.


It come in like Mr. Lexx gas himself and back him age to 27. Him send out a purple bb broadcast this

morning say 'Happy birthday to me, I am gonna be 27'. Wah him a drink inna the early morning? Ah same

so him have the same argument on the RJR road tour the other day when dem tek him on bout him age and

ting and him tweet it to the world. Him need fi wake up and smell the Blue Mountain coffee. It come in like

him and D'Angel a drink the same soup, the two ah dem live inna fairystale world, just the other day, she

put 2-6 pon her birthday cake, and all ah blow out the candle. Wah dem feel like??/

The Grammy-winning singer/rapper will make a rare appearance on "Jimmy Fallon" this Thursday. In other

news, Vybz Kartel will honour Bob Marley's death by taking out his weave and putting in fake dreads and

sing a posthumous tribute of Bad Card...yu affi tired fi see wi face...yu caan get we outta the just a big disgrace...inna rub and dub style...the way yu draw bad card.  It bad and not so bad say him bleach and him call himself, Michael Cakesoap Jackson and now him put in this bad weave. This is not the first time him do it. Why him siddown and ah pose, why yu neva stand up beside yu motorcyle, wah kinda funny man pose. Ah Gaza mi say, but mi lose offa the pose, mi come fi expect anything from him, him caan shock me or frighten me, but dat de pose weh yu  a cock yu ten inna bed, it nuh look too righted. But mi know yu have a plan, wid dat de pose, the funny man dem inna the Embassy supposed to give him back the US visa, memba, because ah him ah dem Dancehall Hero now. 

Where is Shantal living now that her house burn down? Busy nah buy her an apartment.
Him muss sort out that fi him daughter, right?

Who are the top groupies-in-training who are pushing and budding for the top spot this Summer? As Spring

turn into Summer June 22nd, dem a blossom and bruk out like a sore. Mi have alist of the has-beens, the

reinvented ones who get new breast and new skin and born again, and the up-and-coming sores dem.

What is going on wid Tunya? Mi see her the other day, she look nice, she still keeping up her image.

Why Beenie come pon TV and say no gyal never clown him yet and everybody know say Angel clown him and

Karlene did put him inna extensions one time?

Why people ah tell lie say Milk and Tommy Lee from the Empire de? Tommy have four woman ah Montego Bay and him two babymother living inna the same house. Him set him ting like a real gallis so why Milk woulda waan go de so?

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