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Usher recorded 'Hot Toddy' combi in the SAMPLE RAGE studio in Mobay Featured

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The entertainment community in Montego Bay has been buzzing over talk that a local studio, Sample Rage Productions, located in Ironshore played host to huge superstars Chris Brown and Usher, as they recorded two different singles at the relatively new studio.

R & B superstar Usher recorded Hot Toddy featuring Jay Z and Ester Dean, while Chris
Brown did a song with Kelly Rowlands which has not yet been named.. Yuo can listen to HOT TODDY at this link:

Dre Zee, the owner of Sample Rage Productions, studio, beamed with pride as he related the series of events that led Chris Brown and Usher. Usher ft. Jay-Z & Ester Dean - Hot Toddy - MP3WAXX by millsydon

"I came in from Sumfest the morning, and my phone was blowing up, till
my girl said is must another girl that calling me. Anyway, mi answer
it and it was somebody from Iberostar who called and said that Usher
wanted to do a song but that we should keep it confidential," he said.

Dre Zee said that Usher's management team sent two people to inspect the studio. He also added that he got a call from "Gillian, Mavado's manager asking what kinda equipment mi have...mi affi say, Gillian, cool man, ah me Dreddy, nobadda wid it".

"Then at about 1 p.m., Usher come in the place and fall in love wid de
Sample Rage studio. He came out of a big bus come wid his entourage,
and he loved it because it has a big private back yard, nuh body caan
jump inna mi ting," he said, a note of pride creeping into his voice.

"After that Usher leggo fi do sound check and rehearsal at Catherine
Hall, and then when him arrive back at the studio, Chris Brown was
already here. He and Chris Brown hold a vibe, apparently they weren't
really close friends before, or a long time dem no talk and link up,
because everybody come out and lef dem fi hold a vibe inside. They
were here for about seven hours, and two of them did different
projects, Ester Dean was also here," the studio owner who has a single
called Arguments, said.

The engineer for the studio session was in-house SR engineer Blem Star.

"I also went to Scotchie's and get some jerk chicken, mi a show
hospitality, and the vibe did good, Sample Rage buss now. Ah long time
the ting bad, the quality is here or else Usher and Chris Brown
woulden voice here. SR gone ya now, superstar voice here, how much
people can say that, SR ah grow., a full production house wid camera
and everything, quality sells," he said.

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