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US-based model Kgnston does combination single with Beenie Man Featured

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Don't worry! You are not dyslexic, and no, the editor did not fall asleep at her computer, that is how US-based model Kgnston spells her name. Born Jacqueline Edwards, she is blazing runways in New York at night, and crooning over beats by day, as she seeks to make her mark in the world of entertainment and those efforts have already begun to bore fruit. The former financial consultant has recorded a combination single, '5 Cent' with Billboard-charting deejay Beenie Man that is already creating a buzz stateside.

ImageBorn and raised in Kingston, Jamaican, Kgnston grew up listening to 80’s pop, as well as local dance hall artists. Her current music library is just as colorful.

In an interview with MTV News’ Sway Calloway, Kgnston talks about her life, from the challenges of growing up in Jamaica to the new experience of being a young woman in New York City. Her music reflects all of that and her soulful voice naturally adapts to down tempo ballads and club jams alike. Kgnston music is the perfect blend of Pop and Soul with a touch of island vibe. -says Roberta Magrini former publicist at Jive Records.

I have alway been around the music industry. And the first opportunity I got to start recording I took advantage of it. To me life is a series of events that happens to you. I wasn’t sure of what would become, but music became my source of comfort through a very difficult time in my life. I don’t believe in finding oneself, I believe in creating yourself. And right now i’m in the process of creating myself.

How did you end up in NY?
I left Jamaica with a scholarship to Berkeley College to pursue a degree in International Business. I graduated with two degrees, the second in Management and with top class honors.- Why not finance? The truth is, I worked in finance. While in College I worked for Citigroup “Smith Barney” (portfolio investments)- and while it offered me a challenge, because I love challenges - I couldn’t express my self creatively and I knew right away that I couldn’t continue on that path. Upon graduating I walked away from Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and an offer from Goldman Sachs. - I call it my road not Taken.

Do you regret that decision: Absolutely not - I don’t have an expense account but I’m just as happy without it

I started Modeling after being discovered by renowned photographer and artist Peter Beard at a House Party in NYC. It was a very strange moment for me when I realize this was the same man who discover Supermodel Iman (one of my role models) - my first shoot with him was somewhat intimidating but i got through it. He was both my mentor and friend. And for awhile I was his muse and that changed everything for me where modeling was concern

Do you still Model?
I haven’t gone on a paid Job for two years now -So I guess its temporarily on hold- during that time it was all music. The Studio became my home.
I will never completely walk away from modeling though i’m a bit more hesitant about running around in 5inch heels to castings however, If the opportunity presents itself and I can do it. I will most definitely accept.

And Music?- I would like to merge the two. Music and Fashion. Why not?

Musically I have found my Niche. What works for me.
Music is my escape, its my expression, its my freedom. It is the avenue for me to both entertain and motivate people.

Any performances:
Not as many as I would like. But everything take time I guess. My last performance was in New Orleans. An event put together by The United Way and an Organization call Humanity. I performed and Donated a song I wrote call “Keep Moving”
The song is available for download on

5-cent. Did you write it? Yes I wrote my part and Beenie wrote his. I wanted a song that was reminiscent of my childhood. I remember dancing to Byron lee and the Dragonaires and Colin Lucas version of the song- Dalla Wine. I absolutely love to Dance. I use to Dance in High School and for Tony Wilson.
5-cent is my fun song -A song that gets me moving all the time. I only hope it does the same for its listener. After all, there is a time for everything.

Discover more of Kgnston and her music at HYPERLINK "" and follow her on twitter @kgn8

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