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Top Student and Fambo release hilarious new single, "My father Only Love Money and Rum" Featured

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Top Student and Fambo are getting mad raves in the dancehall for the combination single "My Father Only Love Money and Rum'. The single is hilarious as it features Fambo doing his infamous drunken voice with the Top Student making complaints about his alcoholic binges, his wife-beating and abuse of his children. You can listen to it at:

"The song is autobiographical because ah same way my father gwaan," Top Student told one876 laughing.

My father only love money and rum
The first bar him stop ah de so the money done
Him spend out the whole ah the money pon Winsome
When Friday evening come, mi mommy nuh get none

Fambo deejays in a slurring voice:

Bwoy, move and go weh before mi box yu down
Mi ah drink white rum before wharf de a Kingston
Yu mother nuh stop gimme bun wid the broad back man from over Ensom
mi have a good mind just kick down
yu come a question, question man
Yu nuh see say yu young
Yu mother have lying lips with some lying tongue
Sh--shut up yu mouth and just pass mi rum

Top Student has some choice lines where he threatens his father with the police, and reminds
him how he beat his sister mercilessly with the line, "beat the little girl till she wheeze".

The humourous interplay between them is great and this song should be a firm stage show favourite.

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