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Three freed of cocaine charges by Althea Burrell

Three freed of cocaine charges by Althea Burrell

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  Three accused persons were freed based on lack of prosecution when they appeared recently in the Spanish Town RM Court.

Charged with possession of cocaine,  using cocaine for sale, attempting to export cocaine and conspiracy to export cocaine were Derrick Spence, Elizabeth Harris, Meagan Shan and another accused who is now deceased.

Attorneys for the three accused outlined that after 10 trial dates and numerous court appearances, the prosecution is still unable to complete the file or even have the witnesses appear in court.

Martina Edwards, attorney for Harris, outlined that not even the quantity of cocaine was known nor documented in any statements. Her client was not found in the house with any cocaine but cash and the prosecution is yet to state how they indeed connected her client's cash with the cocaine.

Allegations are that on September 12, 2011, police personnel, based on information, raided a house that was shared by Shan and Spence. The search yielded 6 small parcels of powdery substance later identified to be cocaine.

Seven thousand dollars was found in Spence's pants pocket and $27,500 in Harris handbag. A total sum of $294,000 was found in the house.

The prosecution failed to give a satisfactory answer when asked by RM Ann-marie Nembhard the direction the prosecution intends to take, and the fact that the witnesses Eddie James and Maxine Bernard who are both police officers have failed to appear in court, even when subpoenaed and warrants were executed on them. 

She reasoned then that she was left with no choice but to dismiss the case for want of prosecution.

"Much obliged your honour, much obliged," the attorneys and clients said, almost in a chorus of delight, as they exited the court with smiles beaming on their faces. 

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