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The Marleys should thank Clayton Thomas for exposing Fabian Marley

The Marleys should thank Clayton Thomas for exposing Fabian Marley Featured

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In an age where there is no longer a premium on truth, it is refreshing that Massive Entertainment Group chief executive officer Clayton Thomas went the extra mile to finally put to rest the paternity question involving his artiste, Fabian Marley.



Thomas' quick action and stellar detective work tracking down the biological parents of Fabian Marley and obtaining the requisite DNA to establish paternity has saved the Marley family heartache and possibly, millions of dollars in legal fees.


He must be applauded for his quick thinking, intellect and integrity because he acted in a manner that was deleterious to his own artiste's ambitions of proving himself a Marley and getting into a protracted fight with the Marleys.


Now that the issue is resolved, Mr. Thomas can either get on with the business of producing music for his artiste, Fabian, and he can hold his head high that he protected his integrity to the last inch, even at the risk of losing his substantial investment in the production, merchandising and promotion of his artiste. 


The Marleys certainly need to thank him for bringing the truth forward because he could have hid it and protected Fabian but instead he gave up his investment to save the Marleys. Talk about the truth hurting, this must have had a big impact n his pocket, but at least Mr. Thomas has maintained his integrity.


Well done, Mr. Thomas.

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