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Tall Man beats Short Man to win CONTENDER Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 27 April 2011 16:03 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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The Surgeon beat Joe Frazer in a stunning TKO at the Constant Spring field awhile ago and Vybz Kartel perform and crush the place. Right now, bleaching and controversy and all, him ah still the man. The man introduce Moncrieffe and sing Touch a Button Nuh and de people dem a cheer, but mi no sure if is fi the boxer or fi him, because people beside me ah shout 'pussy jaw Kartel' and a bagga tings. Mavado also surprise me, after Octane devastate the place and get the most forwards fi the night, Mavado run out and a sing Pepper and dem tings de, but the crowd nah buss and ah right inna him backyard and ting. De advertisement trick me because Kartel never perform, him just do a piece of a song and then cut, is like him neva get the right money, but mi love how Octane deal wid the place wicked. 
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