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Tajji gets buzz with 'It's My Time Now" Featured

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The “It’s my Time Now” artiste Tajji has released his premiere single “You Can Call” and has been getting great reviews. Since its inception it has been receiving raving reviews which led Tajji to shoot a music video.
“Well the reception of the song made our decision to do the video more easier because everybody loves this song, both gender accepts this song well, but the ladies are mainly the ones who go crazy for it plus the radio Dj’s just took it and ran with it especially liquid”. He further stated that this song could widen the range of his fan base because of its local and international sound.
As some artistes from time to time struggles to find a good and or well seasoned director Tajji has chosen a different path as his video is directed by Camar and Machel who are graduates of the Edna Manley School of Performing Arts who in fact approached Tajji. “Listening to my music and being fans and friends they approached me, me being a young and fresh product decided to work with young and fresh people too, plus seeing previous mini work , gave me some confidence in them”.
Even though it is good to recognize new and upcoming talents Tajii also worked with a more experienced CJ the Chemist and G.I Productions from Gourzong Musiq Management team; both Chemist and Gourzong Musiq were the producers of the single. As for Tajji and his career, which is booming, he believes in doing relevant and substantial music, not just recording for recording sake but trying his best to make every song count as he is also working on international appearances and more. The video for “You Can Call” will be shot this weekend and will be premiered on local television soon.
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