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The general consensus in the dancehall community is that this year's Sting concert was a colossal flop. The organisers of the annual year end show, Sting, will have to take a long, hard look at the future of the show after a lukewarm lineup failed to attract a large audience on Boxing Day.


In fact, attendance was so poor that at a few minutes after 5 a.m., there were fewer people in the general admission area than in the V.I.P area. By all indications, Sting 2015 was a decided flop. 


There were standout performances from Turbulence, Professor Nuts, Mr. Lexx, a well-received three the hard way with Courtney Melody, Little John and Pinchers, a standout stint by Half Pint, and great performances from Lady G, Daddy Lizard, Flourgon,  but the show failed to spark and sustain interest for the majority of the time. Why? There were too many substandard performers and unproven acts put on stage during prime time. Inexplicably, artistes such as Don Andre, Spookie, Young Flexx, Maestro Don as well as artistes from Gambia and South Africa performed at minutes after four, a slot normally reserved for already established stars. 

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