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SPEAK OUT RIDDIM by Major Riddimz hits the market Featured

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    Produced by: Major Riddimz Mixed by: Andre ‘Suku’ Gray A&R: Michael Palmer Executive Producer: Ian Dyer     The ‘Speak Out’ rhythm is indeed an exciting one, and features 10 lively tracks, which predominantly addresses the females, describing in most instances, male/female relations and sexual prowess. However, there were at least three tracks that opted to run from the norm and highlight different topics, ranging from bad mind to gangsters, the latter seeking to discourage violence.
The ‘the doctor’ Beenie Man’s Mr. Feel Good, immeiatey gets the vibe jumping, as he sings about his date with a female, declaring, ‘she sey she neva know mi woulda touch ar suh good…she neva know a me name Mr. Feel Good.’
Mr. Easy’s Hotta Dan Dem is again geared towards the females as he encourages females not to listen to the ‘bag a chat’, because ‘dem cyan stop yuh ting outta road’.
However, Konshens shifts gears in his Hot City song which appeals to the gangsters, ‘a nuh everytime yuh haffi prove sey yuh bad…moretime yuh haffi easy an jus let God lead the way.’ This is indeed a change from what listeners have come to expect from Konshens.
Spragga Benz, however, jumps right back into the dominant ‘girls tune’, as he declares, Gyal Ah Call Mi Name, before Esco and Fresha Dan instructs How To Love.
Tek Style’s Dem Nuh Like Yuh offers a similar message to Mr. Easy’s Hotta Dan Dem, which would more describe a ‘wifey-matey’ situation and the possible confrontations that may arise.
In Nuh Response, it was inevitable that two of the biggest stars featured on the rhythm, Spragga Benz and Mr. Easy, collaborate. But no surprise here, as the two are all about the females.
Gappy Ranks had no problem singing about Ugly Face, as he says, ‘ask dem who an who a run di place again?’
Mr. Easy returns for the third and final time on the rhythm with a track called Badmind Prayer which seems to be a topic that is almost just as prolific in the dancehall as ‘girl tunes’ and ‘gangster tracks’.
 Esco and Fresha Dan rounds out the rhythm with How Fi Wuck, and no surprise here, it’s another ‘girls tune’…this one a little more explicit in both the song’s title (which has been altered for press) and the actual lyrics. Nevertheless, this is one of the tracks that will definitely have the females gyrating and behaving badly in the dancehall.
Overall, the Speak Out rhythm offers a good listen and will be one to create a stir in the dancehall, as it has that ‘feel good’ vibe to it and there’s never a dull moment.
Track Listing:
1.    Mr. Feel Good - Beenie Man
2.    Hotta Dan Dem – Mr. Easy
3.    Hot City – Konshens
4.    Gyal Ah Call Mi Name – Spragga Benz
5.    How Fi Love – Esco & Fresha Dan
6.    Dem Nuh Like Yuh – Tek Style
7.    Nuh Response – Mr. Easy & Spragga Benz
8.    Ugly Face – Gappy Ranks
9.    Badmind Prayer – Mr. Easy
10. How Fi Wuck – Esco & Fresha Dan



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