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Archive Written by  PHLEXX Monday, 18 June 2012 13:35 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  Khago has responded to Sizzla's latest diss song, one that tells him blatantly to "Go Suck Yu Mumma' by releasing a statement that it is clear that Sizzla is now a "desperate" man.   
"Sizza get desperate in the war now, him ah clutch offa straw. From him go madda inna the war, it show desperation, him run outta lyrics. But Sizzla, don't be afraid, just tek up yu phone and call me and mi will write two counteraction for you," Khago said. 
"Sizzla lose two round inna the war already, and anyhow him go physical, ah suicide war him ah get straight. No diss to the rasta fraternity or the elders, but how Sizzla reach so far when the lyrics dem him have couldn't pass the standard for Digicel Rising Star," Khago asked. 
"The whole world can see that is Fattis Burrell and Bobby Digital did a hold him up. Ah dem did have him career, him ah struggle inna the war. Him lose him way, remember say this man mek 90 per cent of we go rass and then him say Pump Up Her and Big Long Gun and dem ting de. Him did come fi save Jamaica but the whole world can see say him a faker. 
Sizzla ah blind bat, Blind Batermius. The High Priest turn into the beast," Khago said. 
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