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  Reggae artist Prestige is offering his fans new exclusive music downloads. The artist is presentely in the United States of America and will be performing on the West Coast on selected dates.   Prestige Upcoming Shows: March 14th - 333 11th st, San Francisco, California March 16th - 1535 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz, California
About Natural Prestige:
Born August 22 in Clarkstown, Trelawney, Lauriston Bruce aka Prestige is a Lion who was born to roar!!! From the tender age of 8 he began performing at community events where he oftentimes competed in DJ contests with contenders much older than him. Like most black folks, the church was also a place for Prestige to use his voice, even for a short while, and it also helped to hone his vocals.
1994 was a very significant year for Prestige because it was in this year while DJing under the name of Presley (think Elvis Presley), that he recorded his first tune called "Big Time Murderer" with Black Scorpio in Jamaica. It was also the year in which he gave up meat and became a vegetarian focusing on healthier living and a lifestyle of living more harmoniously with people. One might wonder if this man makes strict life changes within 10 year spans, because in 2004 Prestige started locking his hair and decided to cut fish out of his diet and become straight vegan. While Prestige is not a PETA advocate, he refuses to "kill to eat" and lists Mother Earth and Livity - popular vegan spots, as favorite places to eat when in Jamaica.
This versatile, engaging, and charming man hails from Portmore, St. Catherine in Jamaica and likes to spend time with his two teenage daughters, Ariana and Kay. Like most Jamaican men, playing FOOTBALL aka soccer, is a favorite past-time. Writing tunes, recording in the studio, and meditating are also high on Prestige's list of daily to-dos. Prestige does not compare himself with other performers and says "Everyone has a voice and they use it the way they can. I respect every artist, but in the end it is up to the people to decide which artist works for THEM." One thing you will never hear from Prestige is any songs glorifying violence or advocating to "brandish guns" and Prestige has some very strong things to say about the so-called "spiritual and clean" performers who make it a point of duty to lace their songs with phrases about "under women dis" and "big gun dat"...Not calling any names!!!


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