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Potential Kidd scores big with Ah Ya So Nice Featured

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The new artiste that Jamaica is raving about is Potential Kid, whose x-rated breakout hit single, Ah Ya So Nice on the Natural Enterprise label from Crescent Street in the heart of Rema is all the rage in the dancehall and mixtape circuit.


A bonafide product of his environment, Potential Kid grew up in Trench Town, and attended Boys Town where he excelled at a number of disciplines including drama and sports. However, it was music that was his first and truest love. With the encouragement of his mother, family and close friends who urged him to not give up faith in music because of his great 'potential', he struggled for years to finetune his sound and his signature style. He names Bounty Killer as his biggest influence and his 'general', however, for at least four years, he was loosely affiliated to Vybz Kartel but decided to press along on his own.

It seemed as though he were destined to be a journeyman deejay in the industry until he penned a gem of a song
called 'Ah Ya So Nice', a raw x-rated single that will remind dancehall aficionados of 'Gun Inna Baggy' because
of its sheer potency and how much it resonates with the hardcore dancehall crowd.

"When mi do the song, nobody never really believe inna it, so is like mi send it out wid a 50 per cent faith and ah one phone buss da song de, mi send it one person and it spread all over the world. Yu see music, it nuh sleep ah no man yard it powerful because Ah Ya So Nice buss all over Jamaica, and is like nobody never believe inna it at first, ah just so music go, that is why yu caan give up pon yu dreams dem," he told

"Ah ya so nice come from Trench Town and the talk tek over the whole world." Even with all the success of Ah Ya So Nice Part and Part Twice, Potential is no one-hit wonder as his followup single, Urgency is even more lyrically sound.

Check the lyrics on this song:

She eat a bag ah food and her pussy tuff it up so
Her pussy independent, she nuh kruff it up so
She no use no toilet paper and go buff it up so
Cause she run the pastor bwoy who waan fi suck it up so
She waan the cocky inna hole
Fi mi ruff it up so

But it is the chorus where his lyrically perverse mind kicks it up a notch. Check it:

So she run the pussy fast inna urgency
Say she caan wait cause ah emergency
So she cock it up inna public fi the surgeon see
She nuh care if the nurse dem see
She cock it up inna tree fi the birds dem see

Potential Kidd is the king of the witty one-liners. In one of his songs, he has a gem of a line where he deejays: "her pussy smaller than the words dem inna mi bible". WTF!!One876entertainment hung with him about 30 minutes in the studio where he deejayed at least ten songs in the small upstairs studio of Natural Enterprize on Crescent Street in Rema. Kidd's producer is a 17 year old kid called Lance whose fresh simple beats are now scorching the dances. The men, friends and family who he grew up with, know his lyrics word for word; he is already a legend in their minds and crowds gather just to hear him deejay. The Crescent Road girls hung out downstairs, revelling in the new burst of excitement in a community long ravaged by poverty and bloody internecine violence. Now they have a reason to smile and they will continue to smile for a while because the Kidd is not a flash-in-the-pan artiste, and his fresh style with his signature playful taunting moan is going to ignite dancehall audiences for some time. His followup hit, Urgency already has 50,000 views on youtube in only two weeks, while the playful Jump Pan Mi Cocky has 14,000 plus and he is enjoying mainstream success with a song called 'A Dis a Gwaan' with Kiprich which is already bombing the airwaves into submission. If you want a good laugh, listen to It Nice Eh Man with his stuttering and spelling delivery. Potential Kidd is living up to his true potential and more. AH YA SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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