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Archive Written by  ABENA CHILLAXING Wednesday, 18 August 2010 09:03 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Mi hear Met the Groupie and her careless friends ah talk up a bagga tings bout orgy inna bathroom and all these things, and mi just laugh and shake my head, ah just through Jigga never waan mi talk up the tings dem mek mi just build because mi know how the whole argument go, but like how the charges dropped against Popcaan, mi can talk up the tings dem now.


First of all, this whole thing start true mi meet Angel....JUST KIDDING. People, Papi and Not Nice
dem meet two girl inna the airport and dem ah gi dem two reasoning, and dem carry dem inna the bathroom and ting and ting, but is like dem lock off the bathroom fi more privacy and all these things, but a pilot, him is a Bahamian employed to Spirit airlines, come and waan use the bathroom and find out say it lock up, so him get bummy and call airport security, and dem come and the bathroom door fly and argument start. After that, the pilot mussi ah drink ah pepsi and by accident, it spill pon one of them white Clarks and the man dem see red, and after that, ah pure thump and box and kick start fly and all these things, and ah so the man dem get arrested. But ah just so the ting set, if yu eva own one ah dem cheese bottom white Clarks de, yu woulda undastand how the man dem feel and yu know Gaza man nuh tek disr


People, the passa passa gone to a new level. It appears that the old boyfriend that is the "bone" of contention with Angelina and the Facebook photos is called James, but the real question is a whofa James? It ah cause one piece ah passa passa because it ah cause problem in one Lady's life, but fi her James not guilty, anno him de claim breed Angelina, so give him a break, please Saw. Mi know dem Portmore gyal ya always ah come in like some big black ants inna yu milk, but mi no feel say ah so it go this time, is a case of mistaken identity, whoi, mi body, suss sweet eh!espect ah yard or foreign.

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