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Pastor Buddy Sweet!!!!/ KARTEL WRECKS TRINIDAD WID MACHEL Featured

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Some gal ah run dem pussy like a registered charity, dem a give it away. Weh dem feel like? At least get a one mortgage outta it nuh, or a one vehicle fi say, yea, ah the sweetness buy that enuh. Dem just mek the whole ah we look bad because dem nuh have no pussy principle. Look pon one of mi friend dem from rounda Lincoln, mi go over her house fi a partner draw and see her wid new computer and colour printer and all these things, so mi say "is who feel sorry fi yu and gi yu computer', she laugh and say, 'ah pastor sort her out'. So mi say, wah yu mean pastor sort yu out, ah the church money yu tek and buy dem tings de. She laugh and say she nuh know, all she know is that "pastor buddy sweet'. Mi tell her fi stick a pin and talk up the tings dem, wah she mean by that? She tell me fi siddown and then she gimme di met about how she walk in pon one of her friend dem and the pastor ah fuck the other day inn the storage room inna the church. All her friend do is look pon her and ask if she nah go join in and go down pon her knees and ah deal wid pastor rod billias, like him have diamonds buried deep inna him ballsack and she ah try get it out. My girl say she walk out confused but the next day, the pastor call her in fi a meeting, and she nuh know when him put her dress over her head and start storm her. She say she just lock her eye and gwaan enjoy herself because "pastor buddy sweet". So anno nothing if she have new computer and tings inna her house, she work hard fi dem, oh! Ah she say something fi something!  


Cee Lo Green won a Grammy Sunday night, big up mi dupes, love the video!!!1

Kartel and Machel Montana tek the show over Trinidad pon Saturday. Mi girlfriend say thousands of people attended the event which featured top soca acts, Destra Garcia, Machel Montano HD, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and Asylum, KMC with Red, White and Black, and of course, Kartel. She say though ah pure pickpocket over the show, and at one time, gunshots did a ring out inna the crowd as the tief dem did out inna numbers since police force gone pon sick out fi higher wages. Ah so mi know Kartel ting a shot cause inna the height of the carnival season, the man ah perform and do him ting. CONGRATS to teh Gaza Dads, him seventh child born last week. Weh him say him ah do? Making the band? Or is a soccer team him ah put together? Him equalize Beenie Man now, but Ninjaman and Ele dem still a lead wid over 15.

Somebody call mi from Mobay over the weekend fi tell me say dem see Skatta ah par wid
Vegas and dem a shoot big video inna the second capital and all these things.

People, the business ah get cross again, nuff man nah mek no money, and the man dem who ah mek money
ah fight gainst dem one another. Mi hear say obeah start fling hard again, and now, big foot ah issue out, mi hear say
Deva Brat get one, Determine ah nurse one as well, Beenie Man de pon crutches, doan mek dem fool yu, the artistes
dem nah live right. Ah nuff ah dem a go the mother woman outta Linstead fi she read dem up and tell dem who ah sprinkle
tings backstage fi mash dem up.

Blow Lisa Hype, blow! What a way dancehall music change over the years!
First, Baby Cham come say the gal dem fi duck, and then Kartel go one further ah talk bout crushed ice and whipped cream and a bagga tings.Now, Lisa Hype ah endorse the bowing ting to the next level. Yu nuh hear her lyrics dem inna the combination wid Kipo?
Kipo say "Boring gyal affi come out a mi bed/ Fit yuh affi fit fi ah balance pon head/
Then she say: Mi a badgyal real bedroom tegareg/ Wine mi a wine an ah pop off a peg/
Yuh affi work till mi blackout/ Memba yuh frighten di last time mi ketch fits in yuh bed/ An a seh ..."

But then Kipo come in wid: "Blow baby girl blow, blow/ Wake up nuh/ Blow Lisa Hype blow, blow/ Wake up/ Blow baby girl blow, blow/. How far dema go carry this bowing ting? What next? A man artiste ah go admit say him suck pussy? Who ah go do song bout that now? Ah dat mi waan know.


BAD NEW ARTISTE, CRISOPOLIS: Crisopolis-Distant Love by millsydon
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