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Pamputtae going strong in the dancehall Featured

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After the runaway success of the top ten hit single, Slim vs Fluffy featuring Spice last year, female deejay Pamputtae is cranking out an armada of new singles to rock local dancehalls.

She recently shot a video to Bad Mind which she will be releasing in two weeks.

"I am working hard, sometimes four or five songs mi voice each week. The work never stops, I just have to go harder if I want to make it in this competitive industry," said Pamputae.

Pamputtae has emerged as one of the standouts in an ocean of female artistes all gunning for the top spot.

"There are a number of female artistes who are all trying to make a name for themselves. It hard fi a female get noticed because half a the time wi nuh get the recognition wi deserve. Wi haffi guh hard fi it. But everybody know seh Pamputae a bad artiste, mi nuh have nuh threat still. Everybody know seh when mi go stage show, mi work it an shell it dung. The competition is always on," she said confidently.

She bemoaned the lack of airplay that she receives in Jamaica but said that her songs are generating interest in the Caribbean territories, Europe and even Africa.

"I get crazy calls and Facebook message from Europe because Neighbourhood and Stress Free a mash up di place but yet still yuh nah hear dem a Jamaica. Next year, a Europe wi a go deh a bring it to di people them, and we have shows lined up for St Lucia, Trinidad, Barbados. so things are looking up for Pamputtae," she said.

Pamputae has upcoming performances at Jamfest to be held in Montego Bay on Christmas Day, Ragasahti's upcoming show, and others in Canada later this month.


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