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1. Sizzla - Thank You Mama

Perhaps one of the greatest mother tributes ever written, Sizzla's soulful single thanks his mother for the "nine months yu carry me through...all those pain and suffering". Aided by a classic music video with Sizzla boarding a rickety bus as it wound its way through the narrow treacherous roads of a Jamaican community, it is perhaps Sizzla's greatest song.


2. Bounty Killer - Mama
Bounty Killer's Mama is a tribute to the inventiveness and resilience of Jamaican mothers who provide food for their children in the face of crippling, mind-numbing poverty. Check the words:

Mama, she's not inna good mood, the basket inna the kitchen running out of food
Mama caan find no excuse, the man drink out the money and gamble and lose
Mama caan find the next dime, she might can buy the rice but not the meat kind


3. Mama Cooking - Merciless

This is an instant classic and Merciless waxes poetic about the culinary prowess of his mother:
Well I will always be thankful and always be true/For all the things that mama taught me to do
Mama, mama, I love you true cause nobody coulda never mek mi disrespect you

He then reminisces on Mama's cooking, and how no matter which part of the globe he goes on his travels, he can't forget the "pudding, grater cake and blue draws".


4. Gyptian's Mama which was one of the hit singles from his My Name Is Gyptian CD is one of the most enduring songs in reggae music today.



5. Vybz Kartel's Mama is one of the best songs that he has ever done in his hit-studded career. Recorded in the wake of the Sting clash with Mavado, it begins with the classic intro: Wah yu madda name? Teresa Wilson Palmer but mi call her mummy, then the first lines: the place name poverty, mommy don't live there no more (repeat).


6. Baby Chris - Mama You're the Best Woman

Baby Chris signalled his clear intentions to become a force to reckon with this gem of a song. The intro even contains a sniffle as if Baby Chris is remembering the tough days when his mother raised six children on her own.


7. This One is for You Mama - Jah Cure

Recorded on 2008's classic 'Drop It' riddim, Jah Cure's tribute to Mama is one of the best reggae mama tributes ever as The Cure bleeds all over the track about the 'queen of my heart".


8. No Mama No Cry

Beenie Man's single is a general mourning for all the deejays and ghetto youths who have lost their lives to gun violence in the savage streets of Kingston.

9. Do Mama Do - Meditations

Not exactly a tribute, this Meditations song is an earnest appeal by the lead singer for mother not to abuse him


10. Mama Africa - Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh's tribute is to Mama Africa, the birthplace of the African diaspora.

11. Mama Don't Cry - Vegas


12. Little John Yes Mama/Sharon Yu Pregnant

This song recalls conversations which have taken place in millions of households since time immemorial
between a pregnant daughter and a mother.

If you can remember anymore, please add them to the comments below.

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