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MILLSY'S MIND: Do Women Love Beer Bellies? Featured

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YOU`VE PROBABLY heard the old beer belly jokes about men with abdomens so enormous that they sometimes forget what their penis looks like.



If you listen to women talk, you might get the impression that beer bellies

are deeply unsexy, but try telling that to the owner of said beer belly. To

them, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


`It`s not a beer belly, it`s a gas tank for a sex machine,` quipped

29-year-old Duval `Hubble` Dunkley.


`Plus, it`s easier for a man with a big belly to get a girl than for a

woman with a big belly to find a partner. A belly is a sexy thing on a man,

I am proud of my gas tank.`


While that might be true, some women maintain that the gas tank sometimes

gets in the way of the horizontal mambo in the bedroom.


`I don`t know if it is a mind thing or what, but to me, the `pregnant` beer

belly guys often appeared and felt smaller than they probably were. Most of

my girlfriends and I believe that the fat prevented them from being able to

(perform) adequately, especially in certain key positions,` said one woman.


Another woman admitted that her experience with a pot-bellied man was

laughable. `The whole drama with the missionary position was, how should I

put it, a joke...because the belly was blocking the action,` she said,

laughing. She added that they had to become more creative.


`...the belly just gets in the way and it is very unsexy to look at a man

with a big gut in front of him,` she noted.


Most men do not seem overly concerned about their bellies, and in Jamaica,

a `beer belly` is almost revered as a status symbol.


`I spent a lot of money on beer and pork to get my belly to this level,‰

said one 40-something-year-old man patting his rotund mid-section.


`It does not get in the way, there are other positions, plus it is the

women with the big bellies that create the real problems, ask any man.`




Still, men with beer bellies or who are generally overweight are at risk of

suffering a loss of libido.


`There are no studies I know of that link impotence with large bellies, but

I know that men who are overweight are prone to having high oestrogen

levels and


this sometimes would cause them to lose sexual desire,` said Dr. Lawson

Douglas last week.


On the other hand, there is a link between cholesterol and sex hormones.

According to some research, cholesterol is the major carrier hormone of

testosterone and oestrogen. Men who lower their cholesterol levels very

quickly, or take them below the recommended range, can suffer from low

levels of circulating testosterone and hence a low libido. This is common

in men who become obsessive about their eating and try to exclude all fat

from their diet.


So what is a guy to do?


Most Jamaican men seem more concerned about the suggestion that big-bellied

men have small penises.


`I don`t feel that big-bellied men have small penises, it may appear that

way to some women because of the angle they see it from, but it`s just not

true,` said one man.


A male doctor who requested anonymity opined: `The more fatty tissue you`re

packing around the abdomen and thighs, the more likely it is that your

instrument will seem to shrink. It`s an optical illusion, but a sensible

weight reduction programme could set things going in the right direction

where your penis is concerned. Plus, the size of your penis often depends

on the direction in which you`re looking at it, it is deceptive unless

you`re looking in a mirror from a side view.`




Scientific studies suggest that men with beer bellies are more likely to be

impotent and women who are overweight are less likely to conceive. This is

because the female body doesn`t like to expose itself to the risk of

developing complications in pregnancy, such as high blood pressure or

diabetes mellitus, which can occur as a result of carrying too much weight.

Nature, therefore, decreases your ability to conceive - a pure

self-preservation instinct.


There is also a psychological relationship between the way you feel about

your body and your ability to have fulfilling sexual relationships.

Psychologists believe that people with low self-esteem may avoid sex or may

seek excessive sexual encounters in order to feel needed and worthy.


Not so with Jamaica pot-bellied males who seem to have an overabundance of



`Big-bellied men are some of the best lovers,` said one man. `Women adore

my love-handles. The key to good sex is confidence - feeling good about

yourself, your looks and ultimately your body. And I feel proud to be a

big-belly man.`


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