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"Mi no hate Bounty Killer but AH GULLYSIDE WE REPRESENT - 3 STAR @MAVADO_GULLY @slicker25 @gully_c @michieboo101 Featured

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Gullyside artiste 3 Starr reportedly pointed in Bounty Killer's face after the iconic deejay attempted to ambush him at the All Star Check Thursdays event last week. However, when Killer attempted to disrespect him onstage, Bounty was instead booed by 3 Starr's Tower Hill fans. "Mi no have no vindictive feelings towards Killer, mi grow up ah listen to him, but ah Gully we represent to the fullest, and mi will send a lyrical bullet to him head. A man is just a man, if yu bring badness, we will step up you too, but Bounty try diss me and the people of Tower Hill boo him wicked," 3 Starr said.

"Mi know say Bounty Killer ah talk about me. Him say to people who know me: 'yu hear wah him say, bout stop keep like Saddle to the East...who him think him is'. But mi never expect him fi come ah my place and try bamrush mi stage at the height of my performance," he said. 3 Starr said that he was performing "First, Iyara and him little friend dem try bamrush the stage inna the peak of my performance when the whole village ah say 'Wild Life'. Mi say 'Tower Hill, ah Gullyside, we no freak like dem bwoy de over de so' and mi start sing 'A Wah Do Dem' and all of a sudden, scuffling a gwaan, and mi see Iyara pon mi stage, so mi step to him and say 'big fool Iyara, gimme the mike, yu a move like a clown so like yu waan man diss yu'. After mi step to Iyara, him get coward and freeze up and DJ Frass tek the mike from him, and run him offa the stage," he said. As he exited the stage, he saw Bounty Killer at the foot of the steps, and walked up to him in the heat of the moment. "Mi say, 'Killer, yu a elder, we rate yu so know wah yu a do', and him say 'how yu a point yu hand inna mi face?' and mi say 'we point we hand inna anybody face, ah gullyside!', and then him go up de a cuss say '3 Starr, mi nuh know if you a bad man ah Tower Hill, but mek mi tell yu this'...and the people dem start boo him. Him affi run outta the venue and when him a go through the crowd, the gal dem a tell him fi suck him madda and bagga tings," 3 Starr explained.
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