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'Mi and Mi Kru' to continue on TVJ despite lawsuit by CVM @ONE876 Featured

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Producer-entertainer Benzly Hype, creator of the hit series "Mi and Mi Kru" is eager to let fans of the urban comedy-drama know that the series will continue, despite him being served a lawsuit by CVM Television, which broadcast the first two seasons of the show.
In a statement, the Innocent Kru co-founder said, "Firstly I want to formally let the public know that this in no shape or form has stopped or can stop the show from continuing its production we are working on season 4 as we speak, and that is slated to be out for the winter".

Continuing, on the topic of the pending legal action, he said "I need the public to know that I became aware of this lawsuit when reports of it appeared in the press. I was formally served a week after it came out, so it seems to me a very peculiar action on the part of CVM as it came out the day after the World Cup started....

In relation to the show, Hype (born Helmsley Morris) states that he first wrote Mi and Mi Kru whilst attending Calabar High School (in the late 90s) and subsequently filmed the pilot on his own in 2004 - with no involvement from CVM.

He describes the process of being the owner, producer and scriptwriter of one of the truly independent shows on Jamaican television and one which has built a bona fide following, remains "one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life"

also after my lawyers reviewed their claim it has to do with the first season of the show we are now in our 4th season .. Nothing to do with my brand but specifically with a fraction of the monies spent on the first and some of the second season.

He describes his formal entry into the film & television worlds as an eye-opener. "In 2007, I trusted people that I thought had years of experience - namely CVM-TV and Rick Elgood; I'm not sure what went down between those two entities, but I know they both seemed very happy with what happened after season 1 of the show."

As creator, writer, actor, producer and composer(or co-composer) of the entire musical score and soundtrack, its easy to see that I have invested myself into this production - and with all the sacrifices that entails - plus, the work done on selling this show and not pocketing a dime for THREE YEARS.I kept the show going because of the love of the fans and Sponsors that stood by it. How then, can the personal attack on my credibility which that press report really represents, be justifiable? "

Explaining the move from CVM to TVJ for the previous season, Hype stated: "I had to change networks for various reasons. The my main reason for leaving was an attempt to make money off my show by placing a commercial for a competing product in my exclusively sponsored show which caused me to lose my major sponsor and millions of dollars .. Thus the show took 3 years to get back on air. I tried many times to get CVM on board with what is happening but they seem to always be changing senior employees. It's very hard to communicate when there's no follow-up."

Regarding the present status of the show, the creator spoke to several developments:

"Yes "Me and Mi Kru" has been syndicated to a few countries right now, but that's after years of trying to bring a Jamaican show to international main stream TV. I have finally done it. Its peanuts in comparison to other international programming, but to step through the door I believe it is necessary to make sacrifices to expand our industry. And in doing so we will be able to get more momentum and funding from external players, for as it seems, only foreigners believe in us." The producer expressed his gratitude to " all my fans and well-wishers and to all my corporate friends from here to NYC, the UK and to Africa. Me and Mi Kru continues"
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