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MAVADO 'BUY OUT' BUSTED: White BMW Man held with 500,000 cash in Montego Bay Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 27 July 2011 00:52 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Which artiste manager dem hold wid 500,000 dollars in cash? What a way the big man from Bay, Killer all-white friend, ah try help Mavado outta the little assault case and get bite? It nuh look good atall, it appears the complainants tell the police say people contacted them and ah try 'buy out' the case and dem set up an undercover sting operation and mash dem down. The big man arrive inna one white BMW at one plaza and then dem go to another location weh the police corral him and tek him into custody. Mi girlfriend say it was like a movie, like a scene outta one movie, squaddie wid long machine and the police dem all have video camera ah tape the ting fi evidence. The whole ah Montego Bay still ah talk bout it. Mi get a phone call last night say a the big man, F, so this no look good atall. How the US work permit ting ah go sort out now fi September 4th inna New York? De promoters ah go need some other artistes fi get dem visa fi help dem out ya now!!!!!


How so much crosses ah follow Mavado? Is like him caan learn, from the ting go down a Ochey, and then the shooting a Quad, now this assault case inna Belmont and now this bribery affair. Is like some serious obeah ah dash pon him? Is either him JUST NAH LEARN, or him need fi go St. Thomas go hold a wash off. This ya one DEEEEEPPPPP.

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