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MATTERHORN WINS US$20,000 Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Saturday, 05 January 2013 08:17 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  Matterhorn write off Foota Hype career this morning over the Bad Boy Clash. The man play some rahtid dubs, and some songs weh nu normal. The man say, Foota, you are in MY WORLD. Matterhorn to the world, rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  

P Diddy work about 15 minutes and him lock down the place, and then when Beenie walk out and say him just come in from Guyana and a bagga tings, the place go wild. But Flippa Mafia ah the boss, when him walk out and hold on pon Diddy chain and ring and say 'dem ya and dem ya and dem ya', the place rippppppp. Ninjaman tek piece ah it too and Kiprich, so the ting well nice. Inna the soundclash, Flava Unit juggle good, but Bass Odyssey crush the place, Foota Hype get one of the biggest forwards when him play ah Biggie, but ah Matterhorn ah the boss. Mi nuh even know how Foota reach finals, the ting bias, ah shoulda Bass Odyssey go finals, but anyway, Matterhorn crush Foota like a roach. Foota ah throw out money like him rich, but Matterhorn style him wicked, him talk like Ishawna (Foota girl) and talk up a bagga bagga tings but him never over do it. Foota never play no real tune and him mouth coulden save him this time. 

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