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MACKA NOW IN MARTINIQUE @mackadiamond1 Featured

Archive Written by  AKA Friday, 11 October 2013 07:38 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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MESSAGE FROM MACKA New ting fi all who a chat bad bout me And a say say things bout me wooooi me Shame Tree Dead llooooooooooool

Anyways a tru #teammacka been travelling from yesterday so we jus reach Martinique Big up the Promoter Fabrice But mek me tell unu this unu neva hear how Boom Boom shell the Macka Diamond dem a Bousie Tuesday and all the tune dem Hot Mama! Me say Boom Boom bousie u see caa a him one a shell di Twist Me Dub so u know dat a special Maddd!! and u see wen him drop Fucky Fucky me hear di Twin dem shout Boom Boom a dat cum out a u mouth woooi dwl laard woooi him tell dem yes him a Mr Fucky Fucky fi sure Me say wen Body Calling drop horniness tun up inna the place Well #Howie Don Me Boss and me Road Don jus gimmi lastnite epic Him say how Big Boi start the Saga wid "Think bout Mi" den bore Hole inna di same four songs lastnite a Magnum wednesday wen him dun him finga dem gash fire lacka lightening di dance tun ova gal dash out dem a wine and look unda dem caa dem shame tree dead woooi woooi Then dem change position head to Kush wednesdays a Old Harbour wey di Country Gad Gary Chucks tun up Twist Mi and Body Calling Its a Gud look Fi Christmas fi Mack Career thanks to all who say likewise nuff love See u all next week at the Dye Dye cookout Boisie Tue HQ Oct 20th
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