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Leighton Miller heads to Jamaica this month #leightonmiller Featured

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Music fans have fallen in love with reggae crooner Leighton Miller's 'Press Along' video which hit TV screens last week. Fans have been raving about the video on social networking sites which they believe to be very touching and inspirational. The singer hopes that he can lend hope to people struggling to survive the challenges of the inner city experience in the Corporate Area's poor slums.
"When I saw the video, tears came to my eyes, it’s a powerful message. I know that music can change the hearts of our people, give them hope and inspiration and convert the hearts of those who are on the wrong path," Miller said. The video is now in rotation on HYPE TV, RETV, MDTV and CVM Plus. A brilliant and evocative songwriter, Leighton Miller believes that songs can deliver a powerful message that can change the hearts of men. ‘I believe that through music, you can create a powerful movement that can grasp and inspire the minds of kids, and once you can do that, the adults will follow,’ he said. The New York-based singer will return to Jamaica soon as he is booked to appear on a show called ‘Nuh Behavia Cabbage’ in Waterhouse, St.Andrew on May 31st. ‘Even though I am from St. Elizabeth, the communities of Waterhouse and Grants Pen give me a lot of support so I am looking forward to the show,’ he said. Leighton has a number of other singles which have been released including the conscious ‘Victim of The System’ and ‘So Long’.
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