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Latest Kartel News: GAZA MONEY CAAN DUN!!!! Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Thursday, 26 January 2012 09:55 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Waterhouse, big up yuself, mi love how yu come talk up the tings dem bout the artiste dem, yu nuh bias!!!! If dem no like yu, mi ah go be one ah the first fi go inna the Grand Canyon and tell dem fi go SUCK DEM MADDA so mi can get the mad echo pon it, record it, pay Dean Fraser fi put in a horn section and harmony and put it out. SUCK YU MADDA once again. We nuh support murderer and rapist round ere but the World Boss nuh get convicted yet so why we ah convict him inna the public eye already?


All dem a talk, mi no feel say the World Boss money so easy fi dun. Memba say him have several plots of land all over from St. Ann to Montego Bay to Portmore, plus him have up all the publishing fi everyone outta Gaza, Blak Ryno, Lisa Hyper, Jahvinci and all ah dem, him nah stop feed pon dem fi now. Yu know how much album him put out wid the music nim and Notnice produce? All now the money still ah come in and ah almost one year since him and Notnice nuh deal. Just check it if yu tink a lie mi a tell. Gaza money caan dun! Learn dat!!


The way Kartel powerful, all Baby Cham ah copy him, yu nuh see him name him wife, O, and she mek a
cameo inna him Wine video?

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