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KUBBA KABBA KUBBA again!!!! Who ah try obeah Shauna Chin??? @michieboo101

KUBBA KABBA KUBBA again!!!! Who ah try obeah Shauna Chin??? @michieboo101

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  How music business so wicked? Shauna Chin say she inna seatbelt, and car crash wid four other people and she ah the only one wake up with neck injury, so a muss obeah!!!!! Whata ting eh! But remember who God bless, let no man curse and when oonu ah dig the pit, try dig two. 

"Four of us in the car, and I was the only one wearing a seat belt. The road was dry, and just that one wet spot in the corner. I tried to press the brakes, but nothing happened. Me haffi bawl out fi the blood of Jesus. The car spin three times and flip three times. Everybody else good; is just me one injured. It make a think all type of things,"

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