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Kartel was "judge, jury and executioner" - JEREMY TAYLOR @one876 @bounce876 VYBZ KARTEL MURDER TRIAL Featured

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Lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor told an attentive jury today that Vybz Kartel and his cronies dealt out their own form of jungle justice to dancer Clive 'Lizard' Williams. He alluded to the fact that they co-accused are alive to profess their innocence, but added wickedly that: "in another trial Williams wasn't given that opportunity by Mr Palmer who we believe was judge, jury and executioner".

Taylor suggest that Williams had been shuffled off this mortal coil with extreme prejudice. He paused for dramatic effect and said:
"Where is Clive Williams? Where is he? Is he chopped up fine, fine like mince meat?" Taylor told the jurors that the first issue they have to deal with is whether Williams is alive, "If you find that Williams is alive then the case done."
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