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Kartel NOT arrested for shoplifting in Megamart Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Monday, 19 September 2011 01:42 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Why dem a spread rumour pon Kartel say police lock him up inna Megamart fi shoplifting? How people so wicked? Crazy people ah bb and a text me and ah call me bout the issue and then mi see him send out a bb say "mi no go Megamart, ah mi helper go Megamart'. Why so much rumour just a swirl round the Teacha so? As Roach say, crazy money ah mek when the rumour dem a swirl, but from wah day ya, mi no see no whole heap a stage show, the other day, him go Negril and the place ram, but him only perform fi bout five minutes before the police dem come lock it off, the pressure  a build pon him wicked. Him need fi light a candle, sing a sankey and find him way back home.


How dem a get Cashflow Neil inna mixupand a use him name fi solicit money from people????

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