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Jam. trust white-skinned more than black cops Featured

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Mi tell yu say dem white people ya racist gainst we and we fool enough fi mek dem come ya, and gwaan like dem a friend we, den come style we. Look pon former ACP Les Green, look wah him tell the British newspaper bout Jamaicans, him tek big woman fi fool!!!! Him say Jamaican officers incompetent but look how many fine outstanding individuals are in the JCF, him coulden highlight dem, instead him a diss we. "If a pretty girl walks past they will look at the pretty girl instead of what they are doing. There is always tomorrow, always another time to do something. There's always a drink or a pretty woman to distract them," he said.


"It would take an age to get any official documentation because everything is paper and you physically have to go and collect the paperwork. It was frustrating, painstaking and you have to have a very methodical mind to manage that process especially dealing with 1,600 murders a year," Green reportedly said.

Other challenges to which the cop made reference were the tropical climate and the Jamaican patois. His complexion, however, was a plus.

"It played to my advantage being white skinned because the people trusted white- skinned people much more than they would trust a black officer," he shared.




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