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Jah Mason scores hit with 'Evilous System' for AKI Records Featured

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  Rastafarian reggae star Jah Mason has scored a major reggae hit in Europe with the single, Evilous System.  

“The song is creating waves over here in Europe, in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Amsterdam, everywhere I go and perform the song, I get crazy forwards especially because of what the people are facing here in Europe in terms of financial hardships, and the injustices that they face in their own societies,” Jah Mason said in a release.


Andre ‘Jah Mason’ Johnson is known for the worldwide hit single, ‘My Princess Gone’, and he has emerged as one of the most highly-rated young reggae deejays in reggae music today. In 1995, after joining the Bobo Ashanti order of the Rastafari movement, he linked up with the David House group and began performing as Jah Mason. Hits such as the aforementioned ‘Princess Gone’ and ‘Lion Look’ followed and since that time, he has toured extensively through Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. He is now in the middle of an eight week tour of Europe. 


Over the last few years, he has worked closely with friend and producer Andrew ‘Khool’ Johnson, with whom he released ‘Evilous System’ on the Andrew Khool label.


“Jah Mason and I have a very good friendship and working relationship, we share the same last name, and my first name is Andrew, and his first name is Andre, so we understand each other,” Andrew Khool said, laughing.


The success that is being enjoyed by ‘Evilous System’ is an excellent sign for the future.


 “This is not my first project but this is the first one which has taken off with such a bang. This song h as an energy that is working because of the message and what is going on in the society at this time. The streets ah respond to it, the song is on most mixtapes and the radio stations are playing it,” Johnson said.


The single, ‘Evilous System’, is available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and a whole constellation of music download sites. Since its release , and  is currently enjoying rotation on Bess FM, ZIP FM, KLAS, Suncity Radio, Links FM and IRIE FM. The song has also popped up on reggae charts in Germany and France.  


“Because of the overwhelming response to the single, we have shot a video for the project, and that video will hit Jamaican TV screens the second week of August,” the KC graduate said.


Years ago, Khool first tasted success with the ‘New Cinderella’ project, a remix of the classic Black Cinderella riddim.


“That project did very well in terms of radio play on IRIE, and at the street dances such as Weddy Weddy, Passa Passa and so on, but there was no bonafide radio  hit from it. That was when I met Mighty Mike and he gave me tremendous support, he gave me great advice when I was coming up and learning the business,” Andrew Khool said.


Khool said the most challenging aspect of the local reggae-dancehall industry is business-related.

“The whole structure of the business part is challenging in terms of earning enough money to recoup your expenses, knowing how to register your songs and generate income. But I love it, I don’t play instruments but I have a great ear for riddims so I know what I want and even though I am yet to make the real money, I know this is a learning process, and I am going to continue to do it,” he said.  


In the meantime, he has a new dancehall project which he will be releasing this Fall.


“I have a couple of big names already and Romain Virgo has promised that he will voice on it,” he said.


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