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Jah Cure's 'That Girl' is selling well on iTunes Featured

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  International recording artiste Jah Cure has now officially ventured into the world of music production. He will be releasing a new single called ‘That Girl’ this week, the first project that he has personally supervised under his Iyah Cure Music Limited label.  
“I am investing in myself on a broader scale because I have come to realize that the Jah Cure brand is powerful, my name is worth millions and that’s why other people want to invest in me, so I figured that I should invest in myself and be in control of my own destiny,” Jah Cure said.
The single, “That Girl’, was released on July 28th and it is already generating a big buzz on the social network after ZJ Liquid premiered the single on ZIP FM last week. The ‘That Girl’ single is a beautifully constructed masterpiece, because the instrumental’s emotional core tugs at your heart as Jah Cure croons about a love that is the centre of his life. After its release on iTunes, the sales have been great, Jah Cure said. 
"I love the response so far, and when the video drops within the next two weeks, my fans are going to be amazed. I am ready to crank things up," Cure said. 
It is the singer’s first attempt at being an executive producer, and he believes that the gorgeous song arrangement makes this one of those few end-to-end satisfying records of his recording career thus far.
“I am going to promote it fully, nobody can stop it. I have been involved from conception, from jump street, from the song itself, to its promotion because I supervised the artwork. I even ended up with two different masters, one with horns and without horns, I went all out on this one,” he said.  
So the question that begs to be answered is: Who is that girl?
“Well it is really my wife. That girl is the only one for me, but then, for the listener, it has its own meaning, because there is an element of mystery to the whole thing as well, because ‘That Girl’ could be anyone, and the artwork brings that idea across,” he said
Cure’s foray into production is a dress rehearsal for his upcoming plans to be the executive producer of his own album.
“Mi naah sleep pon my business, right now, I am on throttle mode, so when my contract clears, I can do my own album, so I am learning more things everyday to move my career ahead,” he said.
The ‘Unconditional Love’ singer is also moving into the area of artiste development.   
“I have my own team of artistes who I am working with right now, you’ll be hearing more about that soon,” he said.
Jah Cure performed at a major reggae concert in the neighbouring island of Haiti last weekend.
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