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Archive Written by  ABENA Monday, 21 March 2011 16:56 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Yo, the Americans dem love laugh ah we say we barbaric and we no stop gi dem ammunition. A video pon ah go hard ah show a Jamaican man ah rain some rahtid lick pon him gyal. It just mek we look fool-fool. Him ah lick her and she buss off him chain and him start punch her inna her face, and ah say, 'ay gal, yu buss off mi bumboclaat chain'. All when a rastaman run in fi try part it, him start beat her fi the better, punch her under her ribs and a bagga tings and nobody nah step in. People, if me was dat gyal, mi woulda friend him up back and when him a sleep boil some water and dash inna him pussyclaat ears. She ah fool if she tek dat, no man caan do that to me and go skin off him teeth and tell him friend dem. duppy know ah who fi frighten cause mi a sick head, mi head tek visa regular. The other day mi a read inna the paper how a Guyanese man iron him girlfriend face both sides and mek she tun up the heat WHILE him ah iron her face and him still alive and get 13 years inna prison. Not me a bloodclaat, my babyfather know say mi nuh ramp, him caan try dat.
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