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Ishawna talks about how Foota beat her in front of her son @one876 @bounce876 @reggaesharon Featured

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Ishawna addressed the issue of the domestic abuse meted out to her at the hands of Foota Hype. "He is the reason that my son will have to see the terrible things that he is saying about his mom. He is not thinking about his child when he is beating me in front of his son. I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that it is OK to abuse women," she said. "I shouldn’t have stayed with him for nine years. Who feels it knows it. Other women are out there who are scared to leave, I was in that situation where I am scared to leave, when mi leave Foota, mi ready fi give up career if I had to…I found the courage to leave. Foota believe if him can have me, mi caaan mek it inna life."
She also said that the day he bought a BMW instead of a house, was the day she decided to leave him. "Him buy a BMW fi hype pon people when him know say we no have it," she said.
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