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    After House of Representatives member J.C Hutchinson attempted to broach the subject of the "politicalisation" of government symbols by members of the sitting government, Government MP Raymond Pryce objected and shouted "sit down, sit down and shut up". The men then exchanged "pleasantries" during which Hutchinson made a "fish" reference, a direct jab at Pryce's sexual orientation.  
The tirade began with Hutchinson hitting back at Pryce.
"Who you telling to sit down, boy. Damn out of order," Hutchinson was quoted as saying in the national newspapers.
Pryce rose and gestured at Hutchinson across the aisle.
Pryce: You are not a gentleman.
Hutchinson: I am not a 'fish'.
Minister without portfolio, Horace Dalley, insisted (sotto voce) that the minister should not answer any more questions 
until Hutchinson apologised to Pryce. But, Clarke answered the question any way.
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