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"Him chop mi unda mi eye" - Egg Nog Featured

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DJ Egg Nog, known for his turn on the runaway hit, Meet Me at the Party with Danny English, said that the attack on his life by the veteran deejay Sheriff was unprovoked, and stemmed from his recent banishment from the Flava Squad studio because of an attempted "Gregory Isaacs splice tune".

"From wah day ya, him ah talk say him waan chop up somebody over Flava Squad because dem run him weh after him ah try splice a Gregory Isaacs tune. So the day now, him conceal the cutlass inna him ganzie and inna him back and when him reach close to him, him pop it off and confront me," Egg Nog told

"So me get flat and move to him, and then him make a wild swing and mi duck and it ketch mi unda mi eye, but him have him day mi drink my soup when it cold, mi ah go mek the authorities deal wid him. Him just bad mind mi because him no waan the girls dem see how mi look good when mi de pon stage ah sing fi dem. Him say him also plan fi kill Jason Sweetness, him is a real mad man."

The injury is not expected to affect Egg Nog's upcoming performances in Antigua on November 13th and Los Angeles, USA on November 26th.

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