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Archive Written by  ABENA Sunday, 12 June 2011 00:17 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Yu know wah mi a pree? If Kartel really feel anybody care wah him think bout wah a gwaan inna the Empire, him mek a sad mistake. People ah go watch him lame youtube video dem, because ah the same reason we slwo down inna traffic fi watch a car accident, we waan see the DEAD BODIES dem, we saw see the blood and the gore and dem ting de, so the people dem find out who VYBZ KARTEL REALLY IS and it nuh look good. The man just look WEIRD, like a fucking transvestite, mi and mi friend dem a run joke say him plan fi rass, and be the FIRST BLEACHED OUT RAS, that woulda mek history roun ere. The volume two ting lame, pure old information and old argument bout VISA and TAXES. Him admit say him ah pay millions every month fi his taxes. Him need fi heed him own warning about "when digging holes, dig two" wid the amount of almshouse him keep up daily. See him a run off him mouth bout artiste bruk, then WHY HIM NUH TEK DOWN THE WIRE DEM OFFA THE JPS LINE INNA HAVENDALE?????????????/

Why dem deadbeat ya pon the site ah call up Killer name say him beat woman? The man dun admit say him do it, Kartel nah go do that
and him tear off gal face all the while and chop up Shorty furniture. Kartel is a faker, mi ah tell yu Jamaica.

Wah mi waan know is like how today is Killer birthday, which gal ah go cut the cake wid him? Him latest babymother, Claudia, or Bridgez
who ah sing song bout 'Roll Out' wid him pon Onstage last night. Big up the Hitman who have a number one. Mi like how him sound
intelligent pon the show last night but him need some more talented people round him. If him can say pon ER that Jahvinci ah the only
talented one pon the Gaza, him muss can recognise say dem new yutes DEVOID of talent too, especially the one Iyara.

Killer dun Kartel last night but the only thing him do wrong ah wid the Alliance Next Generation? Who dem eediat de?
Can Killer bad up Jamaicans and mek dem accept dem eediat ya inna the business?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KILLER. The Quad ah go amp up little more, dem stop the Morgan's Harbour ting but this is a blessing in disguise, yu ting amp up right now, worse yu a link up wid Corey Todd, the business unite again.

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