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Reggae singer Owen Litchmore aka Go True, has made a true gem of a reggae song, 'Jamaica Nice' with a rich acoustic vibe and feel-good message about his homeland. He recently released the 'Jamaica Nice' video online and on local TV, and the response has been phenomenal.
"On Facebook and Twitter, people have responded well. On youtube, there are a lot of positive responses, my co-workers are calling me say they have seen the video, and then, I see how people are looking at me when I go out, and some have even commented that they have seen the video on TVJ and CVM, the video is getting really nice rotation," he said. A few months ago, Gotrue was eking out an existence as a top executive in the dreary records management area of the insurance industry for the past 25 years. He then took advantage of a redundancy exercise to pursue his dream. "I wanted to leave, if I didn't get that redundancy, I felt like I would have been physically sick, or been forced to retire. I just wanted to go. Now, I feel rejuvenated, that job was like a prison, only thing is that at the end of the month, things are rough, but I am willing to sacrifice to develop my music," he said. After being made redundant, Gotrue contacted an all-star case of musicians including Lloyd Parkes, Kirk Bennett, Paul 'Wrong Move' Crosdale and Bobby Kalphat. Together, they created 'Jamaica Nice', a song carved in reggae oak, with rich melodies and a soothing acoustic vibe. "Quality is the way to go, and I know it will pay off," Gotrue said. He grew up in a sleepy little district of Waugh Hill, located on the mountainside of Rock Hall, St. Andrew. He spent many hours honing his craft, writing songs, and dreaming of getting his chance to show his talent. Now that time has come. "My main objective as a reggae artiste and writer is to help to stimulate and educate the minds of people, especially the youths who come from all walks of life," he said. Gotrue said that he is using social media and other innovative ways to make himself visible to potential fans, but that he is largely relying on the quality of his music to make an impact. "I believe that if you invest time and money into a project, the results will speak for itself, you will have a quality product that people will want to listen to and spend their money to support. Jamaicans love great music," he said. He is now working on his debut album which he hopes to release early January 2014.
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