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Fresh Fridays kicked outta the Building! Featured

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FRESH FRIDAYS KICKED OUTTA THE BUILDING Arif Cooper upset and ah talk a bagga tings say dem kick Fresh Fridays outta the Building, and how much is a Gaza club, and dem ah try turn the whole ting into a Alliance-Gaza ting, but the public not buying it. People, mi go Street Vybz Thursdays and mi even drop in pon Inclusive Saturdays and the ting balance, everybody music get play inna the club, so wah the friction fah? Mi hear say Tony Matterhorn ah chaw fire and ah say a bagga tings. The business start get jiggy again. Junior Reid and Bounty Killer at odds, now this?  


Ah me say shopping, Xtras, Bijoux, no fraud brand, ah de so my ting de. People, from early mi camp out inna HWT and get one ah dem half price Blackberry inna the Digicel store. Yu can never have too many blackberrys or too many shoes, and mi get two nice pair over Heart & Sole including a Christian Louboutin white weave pump. It madddd!!!! The ting sell off, the cash reguster
line dem did long but mi full-joy miself, but dem need fi have dem tings ya further down inna year because ah nuff people woulda have more money. Anyway, it work. Mi all end up over Portmore go watch the LIME show, dem do a fashion show, the Saints International models were there, and mi even see the Toyanik fashion line, and designer Kenya. Then mi go Hennessy Fridays and it did ram this time, and Elephant Man was there celebrating him birthday, yu know the anniversary of the 9-11, crazy flossing and ting.



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