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FOOTA SHOULDA NEVER DISS JOE @one876 @prgirl876 @Ren_Egade @amz_harajuku Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Friday, 19 September 2014 08:40 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Joe is a great person, he is wonderful for dancehall because of the amount of money has continued to invest in the industry even when reason cries out for another course of action. He is the patron saint of lost causes and he has helped a lot of people including Foota Hype. He has sponsored Gallis Wednesdays, Foota Hype's event, for several months, and he respected Foota Hype? Why would Joe sleep with Ishawna??? Foota Hype ah wicked!!! Him never buss nobody over Down Sound and Joe still paid him. Foota, from yu diss Joe, yu corner dark!!Yu nuh waan nobody else eat food??!How yu fi ah talk bout the man sick wife pon interview! When yu diss Joe, yu only diss yourself. Look pon Khago, him lost inna the business, everybody say him mad. Joe ah God bless man, and yu shoulda never diss a man like that weh do so much fi help people.
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