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Flexx disses Mavado on bb after argument inna US Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 15 November 2011 05:44 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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How Mavado sell out Flexx so easy the other day after the police name Flexx as a person of interest? Mavado mek the whole world know pon Music News say Flexx no de pon tour wid him, after dem have a show inna LA together. Word on the street is that after Flexx realise wah go down, him call Mavado ah pussy pon bb and a 'sell out' and a bagga tings. Now that him come back a yard, Flexx ah bun him out say Mavado ah show him cold shoulder as soon as him get inna problem. How Mavado so terrible to the yutes dem around him? Him nah carry Kibaki and Flexx and Savage and dem people de go pon tour wid him and him say Gully Squad? And why him sell out Flexx so easy just as him get inna trouble? God nuh like ugly, that's why him show dem flop ah California and Las Vegas the other day. Even Atlanta mi hear flop too. People ah say him sound fuck up pon the riddim, him nah no performance from morning and him no hot again, so it ah show. The streets ah say that a lot of people vex wid Mavado worse like how Flexx fly in now wid him lawyer and realize say nothing nah gwaan, he was wanted for nothing, just a few questions. And look how fast Mavado wash him hand offa him.
ImageMemba say ah Flexx gi Mavado him name and when him get three jeans, him gi Mavado one ah de jeans and Mavado ah beat it fi bout three months straight. And look how Mavado ah deal wid him now. Flexx help Mavado before him buss and have nothing, and now Mavado ah sell out Flexx just because he was named as a 'person of interest'. People ah bun him hard fi it.
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