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Elvis Redwood finds international success with 'Lost Angel'

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A relative newcomer to the world of dancehall, red hot producer Elvis Redwood has been catapulted into the heavyweight leagues with his hit riddim,Lost Angel, which has spawned a number one hit with Popcaan’s ‘Only Man She Want’ and made the whole world sit up and listen, waiting to see what will be his next move.


"It is a blessing how everything just transform with this project, it is still challenging but mi see where I can keep going and make music that the whole world can appreciate and enjoy," Redwood said.

Redwood was once the principal beatmaker for Armzhouse Records, scoring major hits alongside his friend, fellow producer Rado, butmoved on to start his own label in 2010.

“Ah just one family with Armzhouse Records, we still link same way,” Redwood said.

Redwood’s first project on his own label, So Unique, was dubbed ‘Blue Gem’ featuring artisteslike Elephant Man, Kibaki, Gaza Slim, Sheba, Iyara, Lisa Hyper, Kim ‘Gaza Kim’ Hamilton,Predator and General B. However the riddim, unlike its name, failed to shine.

“That did reasonably well, but never got a great promotional push, however, it made people realizethat I can do this,” he said.

ImageAfterwards, he scored his first hit when he did a reggae single with the controversial hit-maker Vybz Kartel called ‘Luv You Baby’. The single didextremely well in Europe, hitting some major reggae charts in Italy and France. Encouraged by the response to that hit,Redwood crafted a new riddim, on the techno-influenced‘Signature Bounce’ riddim project which he released in August 2011, andimmediately got a buzz going in Europe. That riddim also featured artistes suchas Elephant Man, Kibaki, Gaza Slim, Sheba, Iyara, Lisa Hyper, Kim Hamilton,Predator and General B.

“The techno music art form does well in other countries,Jamaicans don’t gravitate towards techno, bjut the response has been greatoverseas, it is doing as well as the normal dancehall songs, even without muchrotation in Jamaica,” he said.

Immediately after ‘Signature Bounce’, fate smiled on Redwoodwhen, through a mutual female artiste from St. Kitts, he linked up with well-knowninternational beatmaker Simon Howden from New Zealand who is known for makingthe ‘Summer Time’ beat which powered the ‘Summer Time’ hit for Vybz Kartel.

“My friend from St. Kitts often used Simon to mix her work. So when I did the Signature Bounce, we started to link and he mixed a few songs for me.He makes a lot of riddims and mixes for a lot of people in Jamaica. He sold mesome riddims and I chose one, and that would become the Lost Angel,” he said

He immediately began to voice a lot of the artistes from Kartel’s Portmore Empire camp on the project.

“Kartel gave me a real strength, he even recommended that I drop the ‘Lost Angel’ riddim at the end of Summer so that it can have the rest ofthe year fi run away wid it. Just as he predicted, the riddim took off, everydance it play, the radio start play it hard, everything plug in one time,” hesaid.

Asked about how he conceptualized the unusual 'Lost Angel' name, he said:

“I got the name during a conversation I had with Kartel. Mi tell him say mi no waan no war song, is a happy riddim mi a deal wid, ah happytime, and him laugh and say I must be one of the lost angel dem inna the business,bout mi no waan no war song.”

The ‘Lost Angel’ riddim appeared to be heaven sent because it yielded several radio and chart hits with a lineup that boasted Popcaan’s ‘OnlyMan She Waan’, Vybz Kartel’s ‘Luv Yu Yu Know’, Stylysh’s breakout radio hit ‘Mea Wife’, Sheba scored with ‘No Eediat Gal’, Tommy Lee got a buzz with ‘A Million,while Gaza Slim scored a top ten FIWI Choice hit with ‘Everything Fi Hold Him’. Other songs included Shawn Storm with ‘Real Man’ and Black Diamondwith ‘Alla Ah Dem’. Redwood is now a major player in the world of dancehall, and his hits have been showing up on reggae-dancehall compilations for both Tad's Records and the US-based VP Records.

“This riddim launch me as a major player, it gave me my first number one and mek people start link me fi voice dem. People who mi usedto link before both big and little artiste and nuh get no reply or no callback. And now, the same set ah people ah link me, but mi ah set everybody sameway, music no live ah no man yard,” he said.

Now, he is moving on to a new project, the (drum roll please) Aurora.

“Mi build Aurora along with Jay Crazie, we siddown together and put down the phrases, the instrumentals and everything. Right now, I plan to go all out with it. Just the usual suspects ah go de pon it, and Ihave a Falling Love reggae song to do with Stylysh as well along with a video,so that is my plan for 2012, more hits and more projects, ” Redwood said.


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