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Dolli hits #1 with 'Gangsta Girl' Featured

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  Red hot rookie Dolli has scored an international number one hit single with 'Gangsta Girl' which went #1 on UK dancehall promo top 25 charts.
"It feels great to have got that kinda response in the UK, I know many fans have been calling in to request the song on stations all over the world, "Gangsta Girl" is also blazing on Linkage radio In New York. The response has been great , on bbm, every girl putting up Gangsta Girl, the deejays in the UK tell me that fans are singing the song word for word. I did 30 free dubs for people over there, it is playing in the US and in Grenada as well,” she said.
Dolli will release the video, directed by Don McGregor, this week. The bouncy single plays on her stunning good looks and her hardcore image.
“The song itself surprise me, the fans are saying it is a long time dem nuh hear a female artiste in Jamaica like this, addressing these kinda topics, that deal with real issues,” she said in a release.
Dolli is enjoying her ‘pretty thug’ image established by the Lee Miller-produced hit on his LMP Production label.
"All the young kids are loving the image," she said.
A St. Mary native, her sensational good looks propelled her into the glam world of modeling at age 17 not long after she left high school. At that time, she was represented by the ‘Inner Beauty’ models from St. Mary.  However, she soon moved to Kingston in 2004 where  she continued to pursue her modeling career part-time, but then she was smitten by the music bug.
Dolli said that her stunning good looks are an element of surprise whenever she performs live.  
“When people see me, they think I am going to sing a Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey song, but my lyrics are hardcore, and hard-hitting, and that is deceptive, mi trick dem more time because mi always surprise dem and dem say ‘she can deejay man’. It works, mi mash up Sting and St. Mary Mi Come From samy way because I deejay the opposite of how I look, I am unpredictable, and the fans love that,” she said.   
There is no stopping this Dolli with a difference.
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