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Does Kartel regret dissing Bounty Killer??? Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 06 December 2011 00:34 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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One ah mi linkie dem tell me say that Kartel did rounda Shocking Vibes inna September ah drink and ah smoke a few days before him get arrested and him ah tell the people dem round de say him sorry say him diss Bounty Killer, but Bounty Killer shoulda sign him and Mavado and how him rate Killer because Killer buss him and mek the whole world know him and a bagga tings. Wonder if is a mind game him a play wid the yutes dem round de? Kartel know exactly wah him a do everytime him do it, maybe is a message him a send to Popcaan, and mi believe because inna Popcaan new song, him ah say 'no man caan programme me...' , wah dat fah? Kartel ah try programme him from prison??? The ting ah get deep
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