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Did Ryno perform better than Papcaan? SPECIALIST KILLS Hurricane Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 27 December 2011 02:34 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Who da dancer girl who go on during Popcaan set? It come in like she throw him off a little because him big songs dem never get no bag a forward, the biggest forward him get was for Clean, but Only Man She Want never get much forward and then, Raving get a little forward, and that was right after the gal go on. Oh well, big up to Ryno, him work pon him performance still and even though him nuh have no big song, him go harder than Popcaan, but that ah just me. And why Popcaan ah wear kimono ah go over Sting? If me was Ryno, mi woulda go straight to a studio go voice ah song bout wah Popcaan really wear come a Sting.

How the Twins dem cuss up so much bad word during dem performance? Mi see the police ah haul and a drape one backstage.


How Iyara deal wid Deva Bratt so terrible over Sting? Him ah bad him up and ah say 'watch dem close walk de...stay over de so'. All Deva coulda say was 'chat yu chat'

How Nuffy so wicked? After Kiprich kill Merciless, hear Nuffy: 'alright grandpa, ah next time'.

How Specialist deal wid da fat bwoy de, Hurricane so wicked? The man go hard. Yu see how the man face look? Him a real murderer inna real life.
The deal wid Hurricane ah way. Him say: 'after mi do mi song Hustle fi the yutes dem, diss pussy ya ah run off him mouth and a talk a bag a tings. Yu get any #1 roun ya? Mi no inna no bag a talking, fat bwoy'. Yo, the man go HARDDDDDD !!!! Him redeem himself after the Magnum ting. Gwaan mi yute.


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