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Deva Brat is on the "Paper Chase" by Claude Mills Featured

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Crews come , crews go, but the family remains. Just ask Deva Bratt. He knows what it is like to see a promising career evaporate before his eyes, and then be abandoned, and ridiculed by people he had once thought his friends and peers. His struggle to exonerate himself of the carnal abuse charges that threatened to derail his career and rob him of his freedom is now over. And it is his extended family that saw him through the valley of despair from which he has just emerged.

“My family got me through, there were dark days but I never felt alone,” he said.

The carnal abuse charges were dropped in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court after the complainant told the court she had no further interest in the matter. He had been forced to make numerous appearances but he had maintained his innocence throughout the proceedings.

“The situation was just blown out of proportion, I never had a physical relationship with the girl in question, and she was intimidated by people who had an ulterior motive to destroy my reputation…they saw something that looked suspicious, and they jumped to their own conclusions, it was just unfounded allegations,” he said.

He expressed gratitude to his family, friends fans and his lawyer Peter Champagnie, all of whom stood by him throughout his legal troubles.

“I won’t let them down in the future, I am more focused now, this was a test, and I passed with flying colours,” he said.

Deva Bratt’s voice is clear and sharp, the voice of a man with more solutions than problems. He appears ready to take on the music industry with his brash rhymes and street swagger. Deva’s complex metaphors and punchlines make his witty wordplay thoroughly enjoyable.

The man who scored the top ten hits, Bag a Talking and Bundle a Gyal, has been working steadily on compiling enough tracks to release an album. He recently shot a video for his combination single with Beenie Man on the Doctor’s “Beenie and Friends” riddim.

“I have done several tracks, but I have seven which I think are worthy of being on an album, so I am looking forward to voicing even more tracks for more producers, mi ready fi work,” he said.

One of those singles is the radio-friendly Paper Chase on the Foxxtradamus/Push a Yute Records imprint and the rhyme-happy, hard-hitting Real Idiot for Push a Yute Records. Deva is also working hard to establish his own label, Krucial Konflict.

“2011 is my year to prove that I belong with the elite in this business,” he said.

Musical insiders believe that Deva Bratt is a lyrical juggernaut who can flow bar to bar with the best in the business. Check out his singalong hook on “Paper Chase”, or the blood-and-thunder ferocity of singles such as “Killers” and there’s no denying the creativity of Deva Bratt.

If he continues at this rate, there’s just no stopping him.

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