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DELLY RANX NEWS: Redemption of The Next Chapter Featured

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  The Next Chapter album by Delly Ranx is getting recognition as one of the best reggae albums from 2012.  The title track has been a local chart topper here in Jamaica and the album itself held the #1 spot for several weeks on Richie B’s prestigious Best Reggae Album chart.    
High profile radio disc jockeys like DJ Smurf and ZJ Liquid have “Got it Forever” and “The Next Chapter” in regular rotation on their programs.  I could continue with the accolades but what I really want to talk about is how this album has become a metaphor for Delly Ranx’s maturation as an artist, and furthermore how we as Jamaicans can take a lesson from Delly Ranx’s music and all of us make 2013 a ‘next chapter’ in our lives.  
One song on the album that is not getting talked about enough is “Baby Cry” featuring Gabbrielle Foster.  Garbrielle or as Delly calls her, Gabby, is Delly’s youngest daughter.  In the song, Delly actually sampled his own daughter’s cry and made it part of the music.  Imagine that, the rough and tough dancehall star who gave us “pelpa” “pon di corner” and “redbull and guiness” and is now making music with his baby daughter.  
The Next Chapter is not just an album title, it is a manifestation of the maturity of Delly Ranx.  In the title track Delly sings, “I’m on a different mediation, different page, different situation fi a different stage.  Nah tek dem temptation mi a work fi mi wage, good music mi a sing till di end of my days.”  Later on the artist sings in an almost prophetic manner, “Delly nah go fight dis a nuh boxing ring, nuh vex if mi nuh perform a Sting, too much bottle fling!”  Wow! This is the message the industry needs to hear.  Delly Ranx nah sell out him ting.  He makes good music for the great people of Jamaica and the whole world to enjoy.  
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